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Smart light allows you to decrease energy consumption on 30%.

Illumination control

Smart light is for supreme comfort and energy saving.

An overriding priority of the Smart House is to make your life comfortable, cozy, easy and delicate. Illumination control system puts into life this very conception. You will have an ability to turn on the light quickly and conveniently in any room just with a press of a button, staying in bed, not abstracting yourself from watching of your favorite TV show. You can set the requisite brightness of the light by using the mode of dimming, or you can activate necessary luminance scenario with the click of a button, when several optimally selected group of illumination creates magnificent luminance symphony. You will have an ability to gather the management of multitudinous groups of illumination in the simple and convenient mobile interface or in compact and dainty smart control panel console, getting rid of bulky and butting into the interior switches. All this is possible and available now in the Gravity Electric Smart Hose. And such systems, as the system of automatically switching on of light due to your presence, automatic selection of necessary mode of illumination depending on the time of day, easy and simple management of the external illumination of front elevation, will give you a feeling that you live in unique house, which knows, understands and feels your habits, trying to please you in everything and to create ideal conditions of life

Features of smart lighting:

4Automatic management of lighting in case of presence/absence of movement. You can forget about switchers in far corners of the room, about comfortless searching of necessary switcher above few of them, especially if your hands are busy; Smart Home will determine moving direction or switch off the light in necessary room (more often this feature is used in lobby and stairs).

5Resource saving. Smart Home allows to essentially increase durability of lamps and decrease usage of electricity on 40%. Energy saving has become possible due to setting up of work of illumination devices in optimal mode  of energy usage anf swithing off of them in cases when you don`t need light.

11Remote control of illumination from desk, wall panel, phome ot tablet PC. You will have ability to switch on or switch off light in separate room or in whole house, regulate brightness of light in any place in your house from anywhere in the world.  When you leave your house you can switch off the light in whole house just with a press of a button on the desk.

16Illumination management at time. Switching on and switching off the light depending from the time of day, astronomic timer or level of light. Smart kight can determine time of day exactly and by itself, activating necessary activities. Often it is used for management of external lighting.

4Dimming is stepless switching on and regulation of light brightness.  This feature will provide you with necessary brightness of illumination, due to which you can feel yourself as comfortable as possible, this also allows to  avoid blinding effect in case when light swithes on sudden. Stepless switching off will also elongate durability of lamps and LED strips in several times.

5Management of daylight (curtains, rolladens). Possibility to open and close curtains and rolladens one-by-one or all together in any sequence, and also to use hardwired modes.

6Creation of light scenatios for different events. Possibility to create necessary atmosphere in house by one touch: party, cinema, entartaining. Scenarios can be actualized due tu set up modes with denotement of light source, their intensity, colour and pereodicity of switching-on.

7Security. Imitation of presence when you are not at home. Smart House protects itself, imitating presence of person: occasionally switchs on and switchs off the light in different rooms in the evening, openes and closes curtains, creates noise and other effects of human presence.

Why it is worth to order Gravity Smart Illumination?

Our experts, who have great experience in work with complicated complex systems can make Smart Illumination system of any complexity, and also all systems which we easely fix and integrate in automation system and Smart House system.

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