Automatic gardening in building surrounding grounds with the Smart House system

Automatic gardening – lawn watering

For somebody lawn watering is unparalleled pleasure, and for somebody it`s routine duty. In any case Gravity Electric Smart House system will make this process pleasant and facile.

Differential characteristic of the system from our company is that this system integrates with the equipment of most famous fabricators, and this allows expending the abilities of their technical equipment in terms of functionality ease of use and management.

Functionality of Gravity Electric gardening involves such features:

  • Remote switching of lawn watering from your smartphone;
  • Select the mode of automatic switching-on depends from humidity, environmental temperature, the time of day;
  • Automatic control of time rate of application of water;
  • Control on the chemical constitution of water dispelling.

Gate control and entry groups control

Remote gate control and roller doors control is not a surprise today. This technical solution has been in our everyday life for a long time and is used by all people, who have entry group off-street ore a garage with electro-mechanical drive. By pressing the button on your breloque you can open the gates. Features of Gravity Electric Smart House allow to update this process even more. Now you don’t need to press the buttons. Gates begin to open even when you drive over your house. Just with a press of a button on your smartphone you can pull into the driveway without let or hindrance. Now you don’t need to carry your massive breloque with you, you have already had Gravity Electric Smart House.

Automatic gardening with such functions of Smart House, as gate control and entry groups control allows you:

  • Open gates from your smartphone with one press of a button on it and activation of appropriate mode all over the world;
  • Blocking gates opening in the case of hindrance;
  • Automatic closing of gates on the expiry of defined period of time;
  • Possibility of automatic gate opening in case of using car number readout number.

Automatic gardening – anti-freeze and snow melting systems

Upkeep of the building surrounding grounds in winter months –

is a very current problem. Seasonal caprices demand separate approach to household chores in this period. So even for the most unpredictable weather conditions there are anti-freeze and snow melting systems in the functionality of Gravity Electric Smart House

Automatic gardening allows you just with a press of a button on your smartphone, or with the activation of corresponding scenario not to be worry about snow clearance on the pathways, greasy back steps, or about dreadful icicles, which hang down from the roof.

Presence of the anti-freeze and snow melting systems are extremely essential if you visit your country house or private residence only at the week-end.

Gravity Electric anti-freeze and snow melting systems from include:

  • Remote control of roof heating back steps upside to prevent formation of sleets and icicles;
  • Possibility to select systems` automatic mode in cases of specific weather conditions (for economy spendable energy supply);
  • Remote and automatic activation of snow melting mode on pathways and terraces in the territory of private residence;
  • Reminder about the necessity of anti-freeze and snow melting systems activation when there are poor weather conditions;
  • Ability to combine anti-freeze and snow melting systems activation with the activation of Gone-Returned mode (the system is automatically put into stand-by mode in case of absence or arrival from the city to country house).