Dispatching control system of engineering systems and its advantages:

Demands of people for comfort in apartment, private residence or office are growing every day. In pursuit to satisfy all these demands contemporary buildings include more and more engineering services and engineering equipment. To manage all this complex of engineering nets in dwellings and shopping malls, office blocks and sport facilities new dispatching systems are setting.

Dispatching control is necessary to control engineering equipment, which is spread in terms of location, and also situated in hard-to-reach spots.

Dispatching control gives key advantages in building management:

  • Convenience of usage due to centralized management.
  • Resources saving.
  • Cutting down of number/business of exploitative staff to minimum.
  • Prompt response in emergency situations.
  • Management of building engineering systems from one device.
  • Creation of the most comfortable conditions.
  • Cutting down of human factor influence.
  • Upgrading of safety and reliability of engineering equipment work.
  • Optimization of document flow, reporting system.

Features of dispatching control:

3Engineering systems condition control and their flawless operation. You receive real and full picture of all engineering systems condition in any period of time. It allows to prevent equipment failures due to patter analysis of all systems.

4Providing of automatic modes of engineering work; automatic management of all buildings engineering systems due to previously set-up parameters, maintenance of equipment optimal operation. Forecasting of equipment failure. Creation and realization of single reaction policy for emergency situations.

11Remote control of all engineering systems of building can be realized by wall touch-screen, remote control desk, tablet PC, smartphone, computer in house or outside anywhere in the world.

16Prompt response in emergency situations. Not waiting for a request, SMS message about emergency is sending directly to the owners’ phone or to the phones of staff. Operational acquisition of information about the objects` work let minimize down time in cases of emergency.

5Energy saving. Cutting down of expenses on objects` exploitation by means of implementation energy-efficient solutions and cutting down of expenses on energy consumption, heat consumption, water consumption and gas consumption. Cutting down of expenses on electricity till 50%, n heating till 30% and on engineering till 54%.

1Monitoring of energy consumption and accounting of energy supplies, reporting about counting registers` indexes, which can be regular (on calends) or on request. Data automation about resource consumption can be either in whole building or in separate placements (for example, for renters).

15Automatic telling if accepted values of engineering systems` operational characteristics were exceeded, about the emergency characteristics, about the necessity of systems` serving (scheduled and off-schedule).

2Creation of history with data about engineering systems` operation (about quality of work, systems and so on). On the base of this information which is available at any time, the reports are formed.

Dispatching control manages such systems:

Electric power supply (general):

  • Presence of in-feeding delivery and in electricity supply groups;
  • Control of current drain exceedance;
  • Recording of electricity supply quality;
  • Supply frequency;
  • Electric potential in each phase;
  • Summery power consumption of every input;
  • Turning off of current sink due to the chosen priority in cases of system overloading;
  • Automatic and remote control of electricity supply groups, by times or manually;
  • Consumption records;
  • De-energizing in cases of inflammation.

Standby electrical power (generator unit, uninterrupted power supply):

  • Condition of diesel-generator unit;
  • Automatic turning on of generator unit in cases of main power absence;
  • Availability control of fuel and oil level;
  • Warning of emergency situations formation;
  • Overload control;
  • Electric residual of uninterrupted power supply control;
  • Load shedding due to chosen priority in cases of system overloading;
  • Automatic and remote control;
  • Turning off in cases of inflammation.

Heating and hot water supply (boiler house):

  • Burners condition control;
  • Intactness and condition of pumps (ON/OFF);
  • Gas and water leaking control; automatic shutoff;
  • Control of gas contamination in boiler house;
  • Monitoring of delivery temperature and vertical return temperature from boilers;
  • Control of temperature and pressure in supply pipeline;
  • Regulation of hot water delivery temperature due to the set-up parameters;
  • Warning alarm;
  • Remote control, setting of daily and nightly operating regime, optimization of expenses;
  • Consumption records of gas and water.

Water-supply system:

  • Pressure control in pipeline;
  • Status check and operability of water-supply pumps;
  • Water level control in storage containers;
  • Water usage recording;
  • Remote control of pumps and taps;
  • Alarm reporting;
  • Automatic shutoff of water-supply in cases of emergency.

Canalization and drainage system:

  • Level monitoring of cess-pit;
  • Flooding dander warning;
  • Control of work overage of drainage pump;
  • Water-supply shutoff;
  • Notification about necessity in technique maintenance of system pumps;
  • Remote control of pumps;
  • Canalization shutoff.

Ventilation and conditioning:

  • Status of aspirators and suction type fan;
  • Control and regulation of inlet air temperature and humidity;
  • Control of exhaust air and recirculated air;
  • Control of smoke presence in exhaust duct and supply duct;
  • Automatic and remote control of ventilators, heating shutters, cooling, outer air damper, coolant pumps;
  • Alarm reporting;
  • Freezing danger.

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