Экономия с климат-контроль

Climate control system allows save till 60% of energy resources.

Climate control system – maximum comfort and energy saving.

In modern times there are not a few of climate equipment in houses, such as air conditioners, heaters, convector heaters, air ventilation systems (recovery systems), floor heating, air clearers from dust, humidifiers, ionizers and so on. All of them form microclimate in our house. These devices work independently of each other. And since all of them are used for different purposes, you need something that will give you an ability to connect all devices into one system, so you can manage them. The function of climate control, Smart Houses` system, takes upon itself this role.

Integration of this system in Smart House not only makes management of all systems more easily, automatic or from one device (desk, console or phone), but also improves the quality of their work. All climate equipment is managing as one system.

Climate control system, one of the Smart House`s functions, is control, synchronization and management by current systems.

Features of the climate control system for climate management in Smart House:

4Automated control of all systems, which are connected with formation of climate in your house. After you will set necessary temperature, Smart House will determine by itself what device it has to manage (air conditioner, heaters, floor heating, humidifiers or combined extract-and-input ventilation).

1Zone management. It gives an ability to turn on or to turn off the heating in all house at once, to turn on or to turn off any section separately, and furthermore to set in any section of heating specific temperature conditions. Every room is heated due to the special program.

16Time control. It is available to set day or night temperature, and also division of weekdays on work days and days off. The system will match your lifestyle, changing the temperature in your house or office, forming the microclimate which is the most comfortable for work or for rest.

11System management from one device. Setting of different programs and temperature conditions can be realized with the use of touch screen, computer, wall touch panel or remote console, through the Internet or using phone.

5Energy saving. Because of all systems work as complete unit, the situations when one of the systems can work unproductive are out of the question, and this result in great energy conservation. For example, when the house is empty the system will reduce the temperature in winter or turn off the air conditioner in summer.

3Remote control of climate control system. Ability to remotely control and manage climate in the house using phone or computer through the Internet. For instance, before your arrival to your country house, you warm up house in advance and it meets you with cozy warmth.

2Meteorological station. Collecting of meteorological information inside and outside the house (temperature, humidity, air-pressure, wind-speed and direction of wind, atmosphere pressure and so on). Necessary information reflects on display devices. Forecasting the weather.

15Ability to notify about heater system upset (water leakage, excessive tubing pressure). Also you can get messages about necessity to provide technical service of air conditioner, air ventilation system and so on.

Why it is worth to order Gravity climate control system?

Our experts, who have great experience in work with complicated complex systems, can make climate control systems of any complexity, and also all systems which we easily integrate with automation system and Smart House system.

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