Features of Smart House to manage pool, sauna and bath

Pool management

Pool is composite hydrotechnical structure. It is necessary to keep track of water condition, water circulation and chemical constitution of water. As a rule, vendor of the pool offers automated control system for the pool, part of which is installed in the engineering room. Use of this system requires certain level of training and careful examination of precept, and often it requires advertising of technical staff. All above weighing-in difficulties neutralizes Smart House system. Easiness of the practical integration with Smart House allows within a very short time redeploy management of pool, sauna and bath from the engineering room with a lot of high-end technologies and sophisticated instruments to your armchair, where you can manage all these systems with your phone or tablet PC.

This system allows:



  • Ability of turning on and turning off of pool filling with one sweep of your finger across the touch display.
  • Print on the screen of your smartphone records about all key physical parameters of water in pool: temperature, pumping pressure, level of chlorine, and also gives ability to manage-out all these.
  • Reporting about the emergency situation in work of the pool: breakage of pump, critical superheating or supercooling of water. This will give an ability to avoid breakdown of equipment and will provide working capacity in any season.

Chief marketing manager said: “Among the clients of company there are business people who spend a lot of time in foreign trips and travels. They appreciate with dignity functionality of pool management. This is because after long-distance fly often appears a desire to relax and de-stress, to come home and bathe immediately in the pool. And it`s` not a problem, that you wasn’t at home, and the pool is empty in the winter season. Taking off from London, stepping aboard the plane, a customer turns on filling of the pool through smartphone, and also set necessary temperature. And in 5-6 hours, when he comes home from Boryspil, and filled, clean, warm, pleasant pool is waiting for him. Agree that it is a great convenience.

Advantages of smart sauna:

  • Remote control of sauna at any time, wherever.
  • Temperature, humidity, illumination etc. management with remote control desk, console, from phone according to your preferences. Control of high-limit temperature in sauna.
  • In time airing in sauna and microclimate management in sauna in case of lasting non-use of it.
  • Saving of setting modes of temperature, humidity and so on.

Smart sauna

It is prestige and comfortable to have own sauna at home. Even more comfortable is when all technical processes of saunas` preparation for use you can sift on your Smart House: heating, setting up necessary humidity mode, from time to time airing and ventilation. For another thing user can set different temperature modes, for individual preferences of all family members. Somebody likes hot dry sauna, somebody likes more humid condition. It is enough to choose needful mode and set it. Another important benefit is that using of Smart House system in comparison with classic management equipment provides much more operating safety.

Smart House turns off sauna by itself in case of its lasting non-use; it will alert fire danger by means of immediate de-energizing and notification about critical situation. So usage of sauna in Smart House turns into simple, convenience and eversafe process.

Smart bath

However it is eager waking up at the morning or when you come back home from work to submerge immediately into heat bath with perfectly selected temperature of water. Now you don’t have any barriers in this, and your dreams can come true. It is enough only to press the button on your smartphone, when you are still in bed or on your way home, and the bath will fill by itself till defined level, in addition kipping necessary temperature.

Music lover will appreciate with dignity an ability to listen favorite song or radio station while taking a bath.

Let’s add here dependable security system, which protects from leaking, electric shocks, superheating and supercooling, and we get quite the thing each person, who appreciates domestic order and likes innovations in his house can dreaming about.

Features of smart bathroom:

  • Remote control of watering in bath till determined level and keeping of necessary temperature condition using smartphone.
  • Automatic water drain in case of lasting non-use.
  • Interactive console for managing such modes, as Jacuzzi, Hydromassage.
  • Ability to manage such features, as multi-room (video wall, acoustic system in bathroom), aesthetic lighting, bath air expansion system from one console.
  • Shower room with built-in acoustic system and waterproof audio content control panel.
  • Aesthetic lighting system and mirror light.
  • Climate control autonomic system, which includes ventilation and air-conditioning system, with moisture regime and drying schedule of the air, mirror heating and towel dryer heating.
  • Anti-flooding system and fire safety system, which are integrated in general safety system.

Why it is worth to order aquazones management system?

Our experts, who have great experience in work with complicated complex systems, can make aquazone management system of any complexity, and also all systems which we easily fix and integrate them with the general automation system and Smart House system.

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