Smart Home and its main features

Smart light

Create your own atmosphere with the use of light in Smart House

  • You will not forget to turn off the light anymore – in Smart House it turns on and turns off by itself
  • You can forget about dozens of switchers – manage light in your house with the use of smart console or smartphone
  • Activate light scenarios Evening, Daybreak, Romance, Cinema and so on bu one click

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Управление освещением в Умном доме
Управление климатом системой Умный дом

Smart microclimate

Comfortable temperature and resource saving all the time

  • Set up necessary temperature in every room, Smart House system will maintain it automatically
  • Save till 40% of energy by means of heating intellectual management
  • Warm-up in winter or cool in summer your house before coming

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Dispatching control

Entrust to automation to optimal management of engineering systems in house

  • Technics is exploited in optimal mode, durability spread dramatically
  • Get notifications and operatively react in emergency situations
  • Manage your engineering systems remotely through the Internet with the Smart House system

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Управление бассейном, сауной системой Умный дом

Aquazones management

With the same easiness manage your bath, sauna and pool

  • Serve your pool in automatic mode
  • Turn on sauna by one press on a button
  • Fill bath on your way home

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Relax, while automatics serve building surrounds grounds

  • Watering turns on automatically due to the humidity sensors
  • Anti-freeze system will prevent roof from damage and fallback of ice
  • Open gates and roller blinds staying inside your house or even from office or vacation

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Функции Умного дома для ухода за территорией
Умная кухня

Smart kitchen

Kitchen, which helps you in household

  • Make coffee staying in bed
  • Switch the oven on your way home from the supermarket
  • Refrigerator reminds what products are coming to end or it will order them


Qualitative sound and video in any room

  • Use one cross functional remote/smartphone/console instead of dozens remotes for technics
  • Built-in speakers guarantee Hi-Fi sound and leave available surface
  • Do not overload your rooms by technical and wires – one media server is enough for whole house

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Умные системы безопасности

Smart security and safety

They will secure you, your family and your property

  • You don’t need to worry about forgotten iron, fire or flood
  • Current in rose knots turn off automatically if the child force a nail into it
  • The system provides very high level of security without rental fee

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Individual features

Everything as you wish

  • SMART-nursery. Special care for your child. Toys, climate, play space.
  • Smart fireplace. Your fireplace joy you just with the one press of a button.
  • Interior transformer. The furniture slide into the walls and embayments with one press of a button, and your room transforms from home theatre into dance floor.
Индивидуальные функции умного дома