Centralized Smart Home for Residential Complex – Gravity Smart Building


Smart building + Smart Home for any apartment. United ecosystem for housemates and Service Company.

GSB conception unites several modern engineering IT systems in one complex solution. In result developers, housemates and Service Company get a variety of unique features and advantages.

Advantages of Residential Complex with GSB technology

  • Ultramodern features for Residential Complex
  • Competitive advantage on property market
  • Increased attractiveness of object and company status
  • Increased investment attractiveness of smart real property


Gravity Smart Building conception includes the features of smart building, individual Smart House and modern telecommunications, and unites them in one interactive system – Centralized Smart Home for Residential Complex. Users can easily manage climate in room, keep watch over child on playground, control their resources consumption, status of payments for communal services and get notifications from Service Company, using only their smartphones for these purposes. And there are many other features. Wherever you are – at home, on work or in long-distance travel, you can manage all processes in your apartment. Particularity of current proposition from Gravity is its low price, only 2 Euros for 2 m2! (This proposition is valid for a limited time.) Smart House will become an integral part of any building project in 2-3 years. The first skim the cream off!

Benefits for developers

  • Increasing of profitability and the rate of sales
  • Increasing of investor`s loyalty
  • Increasing of convenience and effectiveness of building maintenance

Benefits for investors

  • Increased level of convenience of living in Residential Complex
  • Modern useful features in apartment
  • Increased investment attractiveness of smart real property

The unique Gravity technologies

On the basis of system we use our own engineering and IT-solutions.

  • Industrial freely programmable controllers
  • Our own software, multi-interface and cloud service
  • Protected united IP-network with access to the Internet

Complicatedly inside, very easy from outside

What receive our clients?

Brand new living standards

5Apartments, which save till 40% of heat

IconAlways optimal temperature and microclimate

Icon2Automatic switching-off the light and receptacles

2Independent security system without transmission fee

14Fire safety

Icon3Flood protection

6Video doorphones and video monitoring

10Remote control through the Internet

4Readiness for further widening of features

Gravity Centralized Automation Technology (GCA)

Automation system for Residential Complexes on the basis of industrial automation

Gravity Cloud Technology


United cloud software for managing Smart Home and communal house systems

Centralized Smart Home for Residential Complex. Its an unique Gravity engineering solution, which uderlies of Gravity Smart Building. That very allows to realize the unique feature set i Residential Complex and in every apartment in 5-10 chepaer than in closest analogues.

Gravity on-line service, which allows to housemates and dispatchers manage all features through their personal cabinet from around the word using any device.

Electronic Service Company

Management system of engineering dispatching systems of the building for Service Company, which allows to manage communal house systems, and also some features of apartments (water shutoff, security and so on), and to communicate with housemates through convenience web-applicant

Advantages of the system

  • Simplicity of system start and use of system (Plug-n-Play)
  • Jump of operational efficiency of Service Company
  • Increasing of housemates’ loyalty to Service Company

  Possibilities for Service Company

  • Management of all communal house systems through the Internet
  • Ability to remote shutoff of energy, gas or water supply to individual consumer if required (emergency and so on)
  • Sending of notifications on housemates` phones (service plans, schedule, organizational entertainments and so on)

Possibilities for housemates

  • Usage control of energy consumption, gas and water consumption in on-line mode
  • Cooperation with Service Company through the personal cabinet
  • Managing of all features using any device

Gravity Centralized Smart House

Full-featured Smart House in every Residential Complex apartment at a low price by means of Gravity Centralized Automation

Smart House features are possible to be widened at any time by using of wireless sensors and executive devices.


  • Smart microclimate (heating, conditioning)
  • Energy saving till 40% by means of smart management of heating and climate equipment
  • Independent security system which provides high level of security even without service use of guarding company
  • Smart lighting and electricity
  • Anti-flooding system
  • Convenience management of all features through the Internet
  • Automatic notification of Guarding and Service Companies about problems

Benefits for developer

  • Premium option for any Residential Complex without valuable capital investments
  • Marketing tool for sales increase
  • Perceptible value of Smart House by the client is much higher than its actual value

Benefits for investors

  • Smart House at the price of a conventional dwelling
  • Comfort, economical efficiency and safety of high-class dwelling
  • Increased investment attractiveness of building

Gravity NET

Multi-featured IP-network which provides Residential Complex with all traditional  Internet services and additional Gravity services, and also protected access to engineering systems.

Gravity is an Internet service provider with advanced list of services; Gravity NET provides by means of integration with building engineering safety and uninterrupted operation of Smart House and additional services work, even if the Internet link is absent all devices in Smart House and apartments in Smart Residential Complexes are united in one network by powerful optics and function as one system.

Benefits for developer

  • Modern services for housemates and Service Company
  • All VoIP telephony from one contactor
  • Reliable work of network system in house

Benefits for housemates

  • Advanced Internet services at the price of common Internet
  • All services from one provider
  • Access to local features even if Internet is absent

Gravity Security System

Multi-featured security system and access management for Smart House

Уникальная интегрированная система безопасности, сочетающая высокую эффективность защиты и удобство использования для жильцов и обслуживающей организации 


 Функции охранной системы

  • Контроль и управление доступом – двери, калитки, шлагбаумы
  • Видеонаблюдение, распознавание лиц и автомобильных номеров
  • Охранно-пожарная сигнализация, сигнализация утечки газа и воды
  • Контроль пересечения периметра и движения по территории

Benefits for developer

  • Advanced features of building safety
  • Integration with the dispatching system and Electronic Service Control
  • Turnkey solution Smart House system integrator
  • Beneficial price by means of complex solution

Benefits for housemates

  • Advanced security of Residential Complex
  • Convenient access management through the Internet from any device
  • Review of video-cameras through web-application and home television

Gravity Home individual electrics

Gravity provides housemates with full range of electrics and low current systems services


Gravity electrics provide full compatibility with other systems of Smart House, high quality of work and also additional guarantee and discounts in cases of complex orders

Benefits for developer

  • Integration of individual systems with communal house systems
  • Reliable contactor by all electrical systems
  • Additional profit by partner model

Benefits for housemates

  • Full compatibility with Smart House infrastructure and communal house systems
  • Qualitative electrics from Smart Building integrator
  • Optimization of price till 30% in cases of complex approach

Gravity program of marketing and sales strengthening in Residential Complex by means of Gravity Smart Building

For efficient use of Smart Building benefits in advertising and sales of Residential Complex we give and help to inculcate successful marketing models and sales process to the developer.