Doorphone: Stop, who goes there?

Doorphones are often used to provide safety of private residence, apartment, entrance hall, small office or cottage – the most simple access guarding device, which contains from video monitor outer video panel.

Primary function of doorphone is ability to speak with the visitors and to see them before open the door for them. Audio-intercoms are often fixed in entrance halls to save money. But the presence of camera is the main advantage of video doorphones. Also video doorphones are provided with additional devices: electronic locks with remote control and door closers.

Gravity IP video doorphone in your Residential Complex allows you:

1Receive video calls on your phone or tablet PC through the Internet.

2Let the visitors in independently of your location – in bathroom or in resort.

3Call to reception desk, concierge service and service company using application.

4Enter house using PIN-code if you forgot breloque.

5Look through the history to see who and when came to you.

6Remotely view what takes place near your entrance hall using IP video camera with highlighting.

How does it works?

Visitors set up a number of your room on operating panel near the front door in hall entrance.

You or your family receive a video call on the phone or tablet PC through the Internet in adapted sequence.

If you don’t have the Internet call will readdress on your mobile or corded telephone.

You converse with visitors and you can open the door for them if it is necessary.

Why it is worth to order Gravity IP video doorphone?

Our experts, who have great experience in work with complicated complex systems, can qualitatively and quickly fix IP video doorphone, which can be easily integrated with the automation system and Smart House system.

We attract the best experts!