Access control

Main elements of access control system


Blocking devices

Readout device


Control module

Access control sustem fully exludes influence of human factor!

Advantages of access control system:

On buying of access control system cost of enterprise security and coordination of its work essentially decrease. There is no necessity to have huge guards staff, and features of access control system allows to distinctively coordinate work of all companies` departments, automatically making reports and evaluation with that. Also access control system has such features:

  • increases level of staff`s security;
  • guaranties safety of material valuables;
  • improves corporate discipline;
  • excludes influence of human factor.

For those firms, that are not very big, exists significance of purchase of access control system in simple supply as complete set, integrating it with CCTV monitoring systems and alarm systems. Expenses on purchaseing and fixing of access control system will be surely rewarding.

Features of access control system:

1Automatic control of passage points into secure facilities. Control of steam of people through the access point in real time, formation of history.


Face identification of those who have access on certain territory. Possibility of formation of visitors images card index.


Access guarding. Restriction of staff`s movement on territory in certain time of day, and also in week end and holidays.


Control of working career of staff (minimization of risks of business espionage and bunking off).



Exact account of working hours. Control and account of working hours in using of access point of two readout devices.


Operational finding out of location of staff in the range of building or territory. Formation of reports for evaluation of staff`s movement.


Control and restriction of vehicles movement in secure buildings: districts, territories and so on. Is used for territory protection, in which is regular entrance of cars.


Possibility of interdiction on staff`s movement in certain enterprise`s places, but allowance to move in another parts of enterprises without any restrictions.

Main identifiers (keys) of access control system for definition of owner`s rights:


No-touch access control (electronic no-touch cards).



Manual entry of PIN-code (by used of keyboard).


Remote breloque, Touch Memory key and phone with NFC-chip.


Biometric access control (fingerprint, iris, human voice, faces shape and so on).


Access control system is used in offices, banks, educational buildings (schools, universities), hotels, museums, fitness facilities, manufacturers, parking lots, in places of passage of vehicles, and also in private residences and Residential Complexes.

Smart access control system (intagration with security system)

Gravity acces control system can be fully integrated in Smart House system. This allows to essentially widen its functionality and convenience of its usage. In case of integration:

with CCTV monitoring system: combination of history, transmission of signal about necessity of video record starting, camera movement for recording in case of alarm.

with security alarm: automatic access guarding in building, which is secured or no.

with fire alarm: possibility of automatic opening of escape exits, blocking of anti-fire doors in case of fire emergency.

Why ot is worth to order Gravity access control system?

Our expert, who have great experiance in work with complicated complex systems can make access control system of any complexity, and also all systems wich we easily fix and integrate in automation system anf Smart House system.

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