Security systems for house, apartment, office 

Security alarm: we will not give any chance to malefactors!

Leading integration systems can offer a big armoury of security devices for today, to complicate life for malefactors maximally, and provide safety in your house with contemporary security systems.

  1. Full control of movement and displacement in the house and along territory (using motion sensors which react on any movement).
  2. Access guarding. Door open sensors, which are fixed in the door and announce immediately that somebody trespassed into your house in the absence of you. Window crashed sensors and window opening sensors which will announce immediately about trespass into the hose through the window.
  3. Guarding service (to which services you are connected) announcement about trespass of intruders into your house.

Apart from everything else on order of the client with this security system can be fixed such additional options, as buzzers, alarm button, SMS-alerting or a call to the customer. The system activates easily and quickly both using the keyboard or from the mobile phone.

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Fire alarm

Chief executers of enterprises don`t pay due attention to fire safety very often, because they consider fire alarm fixing as excessive waste of money, or if they go to expense on this, they do this formalistic; they economize on equipment and expert, and these lead to problems with the system, as buzzer fixed not by rules and standards, which causes security system malfunction, or even the system doesn’t work at all. Qualitatively made fixing of fire alarm gives an ability to not only save material valuables, but also save peoples life, without mentioning your calmness and certainty that you are in safety building.

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Anti-flooding: flood is off!

Water leaking in water-supply systems and heating is very popular problem for today. If to add here such subjective factors, as overflowing bath, plugged washstand, broken dishwasher or washing machine, it is necessary to state that the solution of an anti-flooding problem is an integral part of complex security and safety systems. Widely represented complexes of special devices which are in the market allow to protect your apartment, house or office from such emergencies, and they are called anti-flooding systems from water leaking. Such system is able to diagnosticate water leaking by itself and respond on it by preinstalled way:

  1. Set the warning sound.
  2. Send a message to an owner.
  3. Shut off hot or cold entry or gas supply into the building by itself.

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Video monitoring: house is always on-line!

As the national proverb said: “It`s better once to see, then hundred times to hear.” To completely control house in your absence it is important not only receive notifications about appeared emergency situations, but also to have an ability to see what happens in a point of facts. Except emergency situations video monitoring also makes a lot of other necessary features: to look what your children are doing, what your servants are doing, you can look after your pets. Security video monitoring system allows:

  1. To make videorecordings of happenings.
  2. To watch video on-line.
  3. To keep this information in history.
  4. To send notifications in case of alarm.

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Access guarding

Diagnostic monitoring and access control system are destined to let pass automatically those people for whom this is permitted and don’t let pass those people for whom this is forbidden. Diagnostic monitoring and control system allows providing of twenty-four-hour control of situation, conditions, safety of staff members and guests, provides preservation of material valuables and information. An important feature of diagnostic monitoring and access control system are locks, which realized its superiority over other security systems. The key difference between diagnostic monitoring and access control system  and other security systems (as video monitoring or security alarm ) is that system impedes the invasion by itself and not only sends alarms.

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To provide safety of private residence, apartment, hall entrance, small office or cottage house doorphones are used – they are the simplest devices of access guarding, which contain from video monitor and external video wall. Primary function of a doorphone is the ability to have a word and wee visitors before open the door for them. Camera presence distinguishes video doorphone from audio doorphone, and this is a distinctive excellence. Also doorphone is provided by additional devices: electronic locks with remote control and door holders.

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Why it is worth to order Gravity security systems?

Our experts, who have a great experience in work with complicated complex systems, can make security systems of any complexity, which are easily integrate by us with automation system and Smart House system.

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