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Multi-room system – one touch and your life is full of music!

Do you want different music to play in different rooms? Do you want the same music to play in different rooms? Don’t you hear your phone call because of the sound of your favorite accords? Don’t you like to abstract yourself from the plot of your favorite serial, but you need to go to the kitchen?

Gravity multi-room system solves all these aesthetic enjoyment problems (and a lot of other problems). 

Advantages of the multi-room system:

  • Listen to music and watch videos in every room of your house.
  • Turn off the music in all hose with the click of a button.
  • You will never miss important phone call or door-bell.
  • You will not need audio or video player for every room.
  • You will have an ability to add a sound-track in those placements, where it is forbidden to fix technics: bathroom, pool, Jacuzzi, kitchen, garden.

Multi-room is a revolutionary new solution in the organizational system of the whole house relaxation. This system will fulfill your house with a harmony, accentuate its individuality, and lend bright colors to its atmosphere!

Multi-room system`s features:

1Independent simultaneous management of sound and images in all rooms, with the individual source and sound level.

2Using of one set of players for all rooms. The economy of available surface of your house.

3Single content repository of audio and video data (network storage). Access to your Multimedia library from any device through the Internet.

4Sound muting in case of phone call. You will not miss any call.

5Choice of music or movie for all rooms at once. Turning off and on of the sound in all rooms.

6Following sound. Sound accompaniment in case of passing from one room to another. Sound is always with you.

7All rooms are supplied with the video signal. Individual movie hall in every room.

8Sound recording of special placements, as baths, sauna, garden, pool etc.. There is nothing like relaxation with favorite music.

Economy as an additional reward!

Multi-room system is not only ideal quality of sound and video in your house. With this system you will escape extra expenses on purchasing of audio and video equipment for all rooms. Here one set of specialized equipment is enough. And everything is ready! With the multi-room system your expenses on technics will cut down by times, with that quality of sound and video is as in the professional studio.

Why it is worth to order multi-room system?

Our experts, who have a bid experience in work with the sound equipment, will assort the equipment from the perspective of your musical preference; this will allow you to get maximal pleasure from your favorite track. We will take into account the acoustics of your house and tune the equipment so that nothing will make a discord of aesthetic appreciation.

Do you like cinematograph? Our expert will tune the system so as you will be able to enjoy qualitative video content in any corner of your house.

And above all, you don’t have to think about how it all works, multi-room system will do everything by itself.

We attract the best experts!