Smart home theatre – manage content from your smartphone

When people buy apartment or house, thay try to create ambience of comfort and coziness for themselves, encompassing themselves with technical equipment which can give ability to feel all life beauties. One of such systems, which even today become frequent attribute in house or apartment, is home theatre system. And as usual here doesn`t get by without Smart House technology, as a matter of fact that home theatre is hi tech smart system by itself. At the same time advantages which appeare with implementation of Smart House and give ability to feel moral and aesthetic enjoyment in a new light, that enjoyment that receives cinephile from usage of his own home theatre.

The maim advantage of smart home theatre is the ability to manage video-content from smartphone, that is very convenient and practical. You can program playback of any track, any movie, any TV channel in necessary order.

Another pleasent pecularity is activation of Cinema scenario just with the one press of a button on smartphone or on the panel, as that preparation to viewing of favourite movie, football match or rock concert takes certain time. You have to close curtains, draw down the screen, swith on the TV set or projecting camera, switch off main and background light. In our situation Smart House makes all these by itself. You have only to press button and prepare to viewing.

Moreover, creation of home theatre is complicated complex of engineering works, selection of facilities and devices, installation and setting up, and also acoustical composition of room. You can entrust these cares to Gravity Electric experts, who have great experiance is selection of equipment, and you will get only enjoyment of maximal visual and acoustical effect.

Features of smart home theatre:


Selection of video and media equipment due to criteria of room, where home theatre is fixing, and its design.


Management of content from smartphone or tablet PC.


Selection of convenient scenarios, as Cinema Hall, Stage, Opera, Football, Karaoke.


Possibility to activate scenario Cinema just with the press of a button: switching on of projecing camera, drawing down of screen, closing of curtains, switching on of background light.

Why it is worth to order Gravity home theatre? 

Our experts, who have great experience in work with complicated complex systems can make Smart Home Theatre system of any complexity, and also all sustems, which we easely fix and integrate in automation system and Smart House system.

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