Acoustic systems

Created for the most exciting moments

There are such moments in life, when music is all that we need. When you want to forget about reality and dig into the world of sounds. Exactly for such moments acoustic systems have been created, which can emit such exquisite sound that all other things fade in comparison with it. This is authentic sound.

Do you share passion to functional perfection, technological innovations and authentic quality of sound? Gravity Electric experts will realize new ideas and share inspiration with you gladly, they will select audio-system which can provide you with qualitative sound and which can ideally fit to the modern interrior of your house.  Using model ranges of leading manufacturers of acoustic systems they will honor the requests of both low-budget and powerful industrial facility.

Modern audio systems import new degrees in home entertainments, digging listeners in high-quality soung field which is created by only one imperceptible acoustic system.

Professional audio-systems

Selection of professional acoustic system for disco, club, caffee or concert hall is nat always easy task. For creation of modern sound systems for concert or public events in your restaursnt, caffee, hotel, you need acoustic which combines such main principles:

  • Modularity. Possibility to form group from a few similar pieces of equipment.
  • Hogh remote power,  that gives ability not to overload space.
  • High quality of output signal.  

Also correct fixing of sound sources in necessary.

Correct fixing of sound sources in certain room with certain interrior is harmonisation of proper acoustic disadvantages of sound source with reflective and sound-absorbing special aspects (disadvantages) of the room, in which they are fixed.

Theoretical estimations of location of acoustic system, which are made by special programmes or acousticians as a rool are very close to optimal specific conditions, but also they are only successful styarting point for further determination of optimal location of dynamic front loud-speakers. But the best resulta can be received only after actual listening, because in real conditions there are a lot of factors that are impossible to be considered.

We use the newest technologies:

Acoustic systems that are integrated in main structure of Smart House system is the best gift for yourself.

Sound transmission devices which are ideally selected due to architecture and design of the building are combined with convenient and simple controlling system give ability to create any necessary sound effects, in passing from calm and relaxing lounge music to lively Rock`n`Roll or always sappy classic music.

To the key features of acoustic system, which is integrated in Smart House, belongs possibility of management sound, tone colour, backgroung effects from smartphone, switching over music transmission zones with that between rooms in your house or apartment. When automatic working mode of acoustic system is activated, music obediently follows you and swithes on exactly in the room you are, also it regulates and selects background effects, balance and tone colour by itself, depends from the roomin which you are at this moment.

Why it is worth to order Gravity acoustic systems? 

Our experts, who have great experiance in work with complicated complex systems can select acoustic system for any building and for any budget, and also all systems, which we easely fix and integrate in automation system and Smart House system.

We attract the best solutions!