Electricity for house, office, apartment

Correct installing of wiring in private residence is complicated process which consists of several required steps. Gravity Electric Company provides such services as fixing and setting up of electrical equipment of any rank, type and complexity.

Gravity Electric experts produce engineering design, installation and fixing of key electrical systems in blocks of flats, commercial properties and industrial enterprises. Our spheres of competence are:

Electricity in house and apartment

installation, extending of cable, connection of consumers, adaptation of elements of electricity supply systems due to interrior design. Engineering design and installation of carrying and low current systems in blocks of flats and apartment buildings.

Protective automation

We offer modern and reliable electrical network protection systems in house, office or apartment. Hi-fi equipment from famous European and American fabricators will provide full safety for your house and will exclude even minimal possibility of short circuits, traffic congestions, power supply faults and errors in commutation. Automatic contactor switch, voltage monitoring relay, voltage stabilizers, current sensors for consumption monitoring of electric line voltage – this is not nearly full list of equipment suite, which we are ready to offer for the best value. Electricity in your house will be under reliable protection. 


Gravity Electric Company offers wide selection of generators, which work both on diesel gas oil and gas.

Best fabricators of power generation equipment are represented in our product range: Siemens, Bosh, General Electric, Husqvarna, Honda and others.

Gravity Electric Company, which is systems integrator, can offer to you not only qualitative diesel generator, but also powerful system of automatic standby activation, which helps to pass slowly on Redundant power supply in cases when your house is off the external line.

Smart system of automatic standby infeed informs the house`s owner about turning on of generator, and also will signal about its working capacity, fuel level in tank, produced energy.


Gravity Electric Company provides different kinds of stabilizers, direct current and commuted current, current of voltage, portable transformer stations, rectifier units and electronic switches for switching of feed elements and consumer sources due to predetermined algorithms.

Our advantage – optimal selection of equipment and expert opinion in development of the system of electrical supply, on the basis of customers` actual requirements.

Earthing system

Earthing system is necessary and an integral part of electrical supply of any house.

Gravity Electric experts make selection and installation of earthing equipment. Ground stakes, switching cable, groups of power contactors with separate earthing – this is not nearly full list of our equipment suite. Gravity Electric Equipment is qualitative and reliable, and working time of it unlimited by any external factors.

Lighting protection

Lighting protection equipment is one of the propositions which Gravity Electric Company is ready to give to our customers.

Experts from our company can not only produce fixing of lighting conductors, automatic splitters, but they also will optimally select equipment, which will fit to your interior design and architectural concept.

Effective and reliable catenary splitters will guaranteedly protect your electrical network from harmful impulses, fully excluded any damage from such formidable natural phenomenon as lightning.

No-break power supply sources

Protection of electronic equipment in house from sudden turning off is very relevant objective for today.

We offer no-break power supply sources of different capacitance and capability, and these allow providing smooth operation both stand-alone device (for example, computer or safety and security systems) and whole house in all.

Our equipment is qualitative, reliable, compact, it doesn’t need secondary service. Standby infeed smart system, which is integrated with no-break power supply source will make conversion of device or certain system to stand-by power supply smoothly and without steps, informing the owner on smartphone with that,

Solar batteries

Using of alternative energy sources is very important and helpful modern trend.

Gravity Electric Company offers qualitative solar arrays for fixing in private residences, blocks of flats, in public buildings

Why it is worth to order electricity in Gravity Electric Company?

Our experts, who gave great experience in work with complicated complex systems, can make electric systems of any complexity, and also all systems, which we easily fix and integrate them with automation system and Smart House system.

We attract the best technologies!